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We provide one-stop service including preliminary evaluation, shop design, decoration works and licencing, etc.

As a result, it will be more effective to build your shop and hence you can more concentrate on the business development.

Preliminary Evaluation
Inspection of land use and building plan
Assessment of shop design and facilities
Inspection of Unauthorized Building Works
Analysis and Suggestion
Decoration Works
Comprehend client’s needs and provide the best shop design
Budgeting and Timing
Consolidate the design, materials, facilities and furnitures, etc.
supervision on Site progress and quality of works
Solutions to additions and alternations
Work completed, Shop Opening
After-completion Technical Support
Licence Application
Submission of licence application
Attend the site inspection of licensing authority
Attend the Application Vetting Panel
Application accepted and Letter of Requirements is noted
Submission of required documents, layouts and certificates
Provisional Licence is issued
Follow-up of licence requirements
Attend the site inspections of all related departments
Full Licence is issued